Goodbye forever: St. George’s library is closing


Bad news for post-grads and book lovers, St. George’s library will close it’s doors for the final time at 6pm on Sunday 14th June this year.

The closure is due to an apparent “innovation vision” by the uni to deliver us brand new study facilities.

Goodbye friend

As we say goodbye to St. George’s Library, our attention turns to the arrival of The Diamond later next year, where students from all across the campus will be able to access to digital and print recourses.

Around 1000 new study spaces will be created and will aim to improve the Sheffield student learning experience and learning support.

Heather McDonald, English Language and Linguistics second year, said: “What’s St George’s? Is it next to Mappin?”

“Well the post-grads and international students might miss it at least” Economics finalist Chloe Maycock added,