The SU are finally cracking down on ticket crooks

It’s about time

In the midst of the annual Summer Social ticket mayhem, the SU are finally taking action on inflated ticket selling – asking people to step forward and reveal ticket hoarders.

Last year, the £10 face value tickets were fetching up to £40, sold on by people who stockpiled them before the inevitable sell out.

The touts then went on to make hundreds of pounds.

For other big Union nights, like Hannah Wants in March, ticket crooks were even buying tickets from sellers on the event page, and selling them on for up to double or triple a day later.

The SU are now threatening to investigate cases which could result in the bans to all SU events.

Big claims from the ticket police

With this and the weekly Pop Tarts black market, many feel the Union action is a case of “too little, too late”, and only now are they choosing to reiterate their terms and conditions.

Emily Ballard, a Psychology second year said: “It’s a shambles, my heart goes out to those people who still had to fork out all that money to spend the day in Bar One last year.”

SU Development Officer Jack Wyse told The Tab: “A handful of students are using the demand to re-sell their tickets for profit which contravenes point 3 of our Terms and Conditions.”

He added: “Individual cases of breaching the Terms and Conditions have been investigated throughout this year and the offending people contacted.

“We would always recommend that students purchase tickets from our box office or website prior to an event, to guarantee they are getting a genuine ticket at the face value price.”

My token Hospitality ticket speaks the truth