What does your IC seat say about you?

More than you could possibly know

You’re wandering around the IC wasting time and you can’t help but feel like you’re in a strange Attenborough style documentary.

Who are these people? What are they doing? Why have they taken their shoes off?

Now you know.

The cafe seat

This type of person is the ultimate procrastinator. They will usually be found doing anything but work and will be loitering anywhere apart from the actual library.

This person is often able to recite the cafe menu by heart, but has no clue of their actual exam timetable dates. They’ll maximise the free water by filling up their bottle incessantly and be on first name terms with the staff.

Hydrated? Yes. Informed and ready for their exam? No.

The sofa

Smug in the knowledge that they’ve spent all day in the IC, this guy is able to sleep easy at night.

In reality, they’ve surfed Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to the extent that they can tell you what their cousin’s boyfriend’s sister was up to this time three years ago – not to mention what they had for breakfast.

Ultimately they’re a liar, and the epitome of stereotypical student trying to revise.

The stairs

Those who sit on the stairs have a few issues. Neither up nor down, they don’t really know what they’re doing with life.

Most likely to be a Sociology student, this person will wander from floor to floor searching for a good seat. They’ll spend an hour on the sofa before transferring, with a hopeful look in their eye, to another floor.

When they’re still yet to find a table, they’ll camp out on the stairs between level 5 and 6.

Give up, go home and sort your life out.

6th floor

IC veteran and notoriously hated by everyone. They have to be top with everything, including the building.

They are found on the highest floor with the highest grades and in tip top shape because they can actually make it up there.

Typically, they are head of countless societies, eat their greens, fit in morning runs and are on firsts for every bloody essay. The less said about these the better.

Between the books

This poor soul has reached breaking point. Found nestled within the comfort of the shelves, probably around 4am, helplessly trying to zen out on the scratchy carpet floor and forget their impending essay troubles.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and you can’t have a meltdown properly at a computer desk.

Spare a thought for them, we’ve all been there.

The silent study area 

Filled to the brim with those who hate any type of social interaction. They seem to be able to fit themselves into any nook or cranny of the IC just to avoid human contact.

Almost like aliens, they avoid all other species at any cost and thrive on energy drinks, deafening silence and artificial light. Approach with caution.

Smoking area

Absolutely not a valid seat, but there are people who come in, get their stuff out, get a snack, and then spend the next 6 hours outside in a cloud of smoke.

By all means go outside for a cigarette, but don’t stand outside chain smoking your way through a packet of L&B and debriefing with your mates about your night out at the weekend. The real workers are wandering round aimlessly looking for a desk.

It’s a library, not a social club. Behave.