So Nick Clegg is still our Sheffield Hallam MP

22,215 people voted to keep him in

Cowardly Clegg has managed to hold on to his Sheffield Hallam seat.

Despite his tuition fees cock-up and the consequent student witch hunt, we still only made up 3% of the electorate, and he won by a 2,353 majority, with 22,215 votes.

The result was confirmed just before 5am.

The seat has been one of the most hotly contested in the country, and up until a recent tide of tactical Tory voters, it had been widely speculated Clegg would lose it to Labour candidate Oliver Coppard.

In our poll this week, 54% of you said you’d be voting for Labour, who saw 19,862 votes, giving Clegg only a 2,353 majority.

Still fairly pitiful considering his huge 15,824 majority in the 2010 election, pre jumping into bed with the Tories.

It’s been a pretty poor night for the Lib Dem’s nationally, and Clegg has already hinted that he will be stepping down as party leader, saying:  “The election has had profound implications for the Liberal Democrats.”

Our re-elected MP

“I will be seeking to make further remarks about the implications of this election – both for the country, and for the party I lead, and for my position in the Liberal Democrats – when I make remarks to my colleagues in the Liberal Democrats when I return to Westminste.r”

For those of you in Sheffield Central, Labour candidate Paul Bloomfield was elected with a massive 55% of the votes at 24,308. Green candidate Jillian Creasy trailed behind with 6,999, and Lib Dem’s only managed to secure 10% of the vote.