Campus style: On the concourse

‘I have a shirt which says FCUK’


The sun may have gone back in, but your outfits still haven’t disappointed. 

We took to the concourse to find the most stylish looks of the week.

Laura, first year Journalism Studies

Many of Laura’s clothes are from high street shops such as Topshop and New Look. Her fashion icons include supermodel Suki Waterhouse and blogger Tavi Gevinson.

Annie, third year English Language and Linguistics

Annie’s favourite clothing stores include Topshop and H&M. When she is shopping she looks for “anything bright and colourful” like her hair. She also likes weird items, like her shoes in this outfit.

Sian, works at the volunteering office in the Student Union

Sian, who works at the volunteering office in the SU, buys most of her clothes online. She usually looks for cheap, vintage items with a “50s rock vibe”. Her style icon is rock star Debbie Harry.

Tessa, second year History

Tessa likes clothes with a 1960s vibe. She usually shops at Topshop and H&M, and her fashion icon is the legendary Audrey Hepburn.

Joy, Masters in International Marketing and Management

Joy doesn’t really have a fashion icon, but she likes to get her fashion inspiration from the models on the Victoria’s Secret shows. Her favourite stores are Top Shop, Hollister and Forever 21.

Rohit, first year Civil Engineering

Rohit gets most of his clothes from online shopping. His favourite brands are Zara, Calvin Klein, and French Connection: “I have a shirt which says FCUK”. His style icon is Hollywood superstar Bradley Cooper.

Simon, first year Aerospace Engineering

Simon’s favourite brands are Mystical Mayhem and Gringo, but he gets most of his clothes from Nepal.

His pants in this #OOTD are from Kenya. His favourite fashion eras are the ’30s, ’60s, and the ’80s and he says: “I love colours, anything brightly coloured. I hate simple things”.