The SU has scrapped tampon tax

It’s about time


Living up to their reputation as the best Student’s Union in the country, the SU has not only cut tampon tax, but is now selling sanitary products at cost price.

The revolution came about through the University’s “Your Ideas” page, where a suggestion needs just 25 likes to be reviewed by an SU officer, and this carried a huge 121.

This means you can now grab a packet of tampons for 55p, and sanitary towels at the price of 51p in the SU shop.

Women’s officer, Miriam Miller said: “It was great to get such a positive response from students on this issue.

“I’m also very pleased that SU staff were as just passionate about the issue and worked with us to make selling sanitary products at cost price a possibility.”

She also reminded people of the “pad and tampon drive” which the SU is running to get essential sanitary products to homeless people.

You can lend a hand by dropping off sanitary items to the Women’s Officer or the Welfare Officer on level 4 of the SU.

And lets face it, they’re so cheap now that there’s no excuse not to.