Campus style: Spring hits the Steel City

Did you make the cut?

Miracles do happen, we’ve finally had a sunny week in Sheffield.

Here’s the best of the spring style on campus.

Katie Lonsdale. 1st Year. English and Sociology.

“I like nudes.”

Stephen Hare. 1st Year. Biochemistry.

“I don’t really follow trends. I tend to shop mostly at vintage shops, and occasionally on the high street.”

Jodie Connon. 2nd Year. Molecular Biology.

“I get most my fashion inspiration from magazines and blogs. I quite like splashing out on some nice pieces.”

Jack Hughes. 4th Year. Civil Engineering.

“I might look a little red in the photo.”

Suns out, guns out… (But just in case, keep a jumper draped over your shoulders!)

Yue Zhang. Masters. Archeology.

“Comfort over style. Always.”

Suraj Smith. 1st Year. Chemistry.

“Kanye West is my style icon.”

Jennifer Rhodes. 3rd Year. Medicine.

“I love high waisted leggings.”

Casey Macking. 1st Year. English Literature.

“I’d say my style is casual, I tend to just chuck on the first thing I see in my wardrobe. Most of my clothes are from charity shops. And Primark.”

Joe Moore. 4th Year. Biomedical Engineering.

“I’m into tight clothes right now. Sorry, not tight – fitted.”