Sheffield finalists are going to vote Labour, say polls

And across the country they’re set to ditch the Lib Dems


The polls are in – and the majority of Sheffield finalists are set to vote Labour in the General Election. 

Who knows if it is Ed Miliband’s dashing good looks, his charisma, or the way he eats a bacon sandwich, but one way or another he is set to reel in Sheffield student votes on May 7th.

The survey suggests 38% of Sheffield final years will vote for Labour, which isn’t a shocker really, since Nick Clegg is hardly in the good books of student voters.

Second most popular party in the polls appears to be the Green party, with 29% of the vote, whilst conservatives lag behind with 25%.

And with 5% of the finalist student vote are the Lib Dems, just 4% above UKIP. Poor Nick.

However, despite student Labour support, it seems likely that Clegg will still snag his Hallam seat once again, with an 82% chance of winning.

Obviously, Sheffield Hallam is not just a student area, and by the looks of things Nick is pulling in support from the locals.

One thing is for sure though, the majority of students want change, and they are turning to Ed for answers.