These two third years have made a really helpful app

And it’s free


Finalists James Carne and Tireni Ladega have created an app which allows you to search and locate available computers on campus, perfect for the upcoming exam season.

The free app, available on the App Store today, uses a “smart engine”, which utilises over 20 different identifiers to determine the best PC location at any given time, as well as using your GPS location to show you where the closest computer to you currently is.

“The existing Uni tools were just really bad. ‘Find a PC’ was extremely slow and glitchy,” they said.

UniPC has a clean, apple inspired styling, with a really easy to use operating system.

It also only took them two and a half months to make. Tackling third year and making an app? Easy.

“Only time will tell how much money we’ll make from it, we didn’t make it to make money, the main aim of the app was to help out students,” said James.

When asked about their business strategy, James said he would definitely describe Tireni as “bad cop”, to which Tireni added, “I’m definitely the alpha male”.

As well as being business partners, they are both high flyers in Sheffield’s investment society – Tireni is the president, with James as his second in command. Even though these two work together all of the time, they differ when it comes to what’s important.

“Oh it’s got to be Pop Tarts on a Saturday,” says 21 year old James, “I love it”. Tireni prefers Carver Street on a Thursday, for his fill of hip hop and RnB.

You can download the app onto your phone or use the website version here.