Physics fourth year fills in for Nick Clegg at election debate

Could he not be arsed, or was he scared?


Nick Clegg was “too busy” to attend Sunday’s local election debate at Crookes Social Club, so sent fourth year Physicist Harry Matthews in his place instead.

Harry, 22, is running for Crookes Lib Dem councillor, and was sent to replace Clegg after debate organiser Maurice Champeau said the invitations were ignored by the Lib Dem’s for four weeks.

“Nick Clegg was directly emailed on his personal email account three times, and the Liberal Democrats central office were emailed in excess of five times. It was very frustrating,” he said.

Clegg was ‘too busy’ to attend

The debate was attended by all other Sheffield Hallam parliamentary candidates, including Labour MP Oliver Coppard, Clegg’s main rival in the election.

Matthews and said he didn’t even know where Clegg was himself: “I don’t know his exact whereabouts. As leader of a political party I know he has a lot of responsibility to lead a national campaign.

“He does plenty of Q&As across the constituency. This line all our political opponents like to trot out doesn’t hold up to any scrutiny.”

So far, Clegg has attended only one debate in the constituency, and this was closed to both the public and press.