South Yorkshire is the fifth poorest area in Northern Europe



South Yorkshire is the fifth poorest area in Northern Europe, a recent Eurostat poll shows.

The UK dominated the statistics, with nine out of the ten poorest regions situated in the UK.

Inner London was shown to be the richest area in Northern Europe.

It seems rather ironic Yorkshire is commonly referred to as “God’s own country” yet ranks so highly in the survey – not quite as lavish as the name suggests.

Though we shouldn’t feel too hard done by, as we aren’t the worst off region. We fall behind West Wales, Cornwall, Durham and Tees Valley, and Lincolnshire in the list.


Living in the vicinity of Sheffield University, it’s easy to forget Sheffield is in one of the poorest regions of Europe.

First year psychologist Alice Pedder said: “We don’t really get to see any of the deprived parts of Sheffield – Fulwood Road rakes it in.”

Kara Sangha, a Philosophy and Politics fresher, is shocked the West Midlands doesn’t feature on the list but South Yorkshire does – “I’m from Wolverhampton and it’s a shit hole – Sheffield is so much nicer.”