Uni knocked off the top in new student experience survey

We obviously still rinsed Hallam

Sheffield has dropped from 1st to 3rd in the new Times student experience survey, but we still have the best SU in the country.

We were beaten to the top this year by Bath who came first, and Loughborough who made second.

There wasn’t a huge amount in it, with our overall satisfaction score still coming in at 83.1 per cent, compared to Loughborough’s 83.3 per cent and Bath’s 83.6 per cent.

We still beat Hallam

While its a sad day for the uni, and the plethora of “No 1 student experience” posters adourning the SU, all is not lost: Hallam still dropped 8 places to a pitiful 56th.

We also ranked top in the survey for good accommodation, and topped the best SU in the country for a seventh year running. Our library facilities came second to top, meaning people really can’t get enough of the IC.


Students’ Union President Yael Shafritz said:  “We’re absolutely delighted that the Students’ Union is rated number one for the seventh year in a row – that’s an incredible achievement!”

“As well as great services and facilities we’re proud to be a students’ union that nurtures student innovation and leadership. Being rated the best in the whole country means, though, that we are also always looking to do more to create a better and more inclusive student community that Sheffield students love to be a part of.”