£10,000 reward for return of Hallam grad’s stolen car

It was stolen on Friday

Mike Haywood, a film and media production graduate, had his 1981 Ford Escort stolen from a lock up on Effingham Road on Friday evening.

The car, which is worth around £20,000, is believed to have been stolen between 6:15 and 7pm, and has been sighted several times over the weekend.

The car is nearly 35 years old

Mike is offering a £10,000 reward for the return of the car, or information that directly leads to its return.

“I only bought the car on the 1st February this year, and haven’t even driven it yet, it’s been in the lock up having work done to it. So it’s currently being driven around with no road tax or insurance.” Mike said.

“It’s a very rare classic car, a Ford Escort RS2000 MK2. It was having some welding work done in the courtyard of Baltic Works. The welder finished work on it at 5:30pm, and the groundskeeper saw the car was still there at 6:15.”

The car was stolen from inside the courtyard of Baltic Works

Mike added: “By the time I arrived with my friend Joe at 6:55pm to move the car back into the unit, it had gone, and the steering wheel clamp had been broken off and thrown to the side.

“After checking everywhere and ringing the welder, I called the police at 7:20.

“They said that they’d keep a look out on the cameras and that if it flags up then they’ll pursue it, but that they won’t come out specially, despite me having the steering wheel clamp which would have fingerprints on.”

Mike with the car

The Hallam grad said: “I’ve had to take it into my own hands and post on Facebook about it, which has now had over 7000 shares.

“Several people say they have sighted it in the Tinsley area of Sheffield, and it was also sighted near Meadowhall on Saturday afternoon.

“Given that several people have said they’ve seen it being driven around without insurance or tax, and has also been seen driving dangerously, I’ve been really disappointed with the police response.

“I’ve been told I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to speak to an officer properly about it, it seems like it’s just been put on hold over the weekend.

“Luckily I’ve been really overwhelmed with support on social media.”

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Mike’s car is asked to call 101.