The roof literally fell down in Roar last night

Everyone loved it


The ceiling partially collapsed in Foundry and Fusion last night during a typically packed out Roar. 

As well as being the obligatory sport society night, Foundry was also host to the Big Fat Social, the huge annual bar crawl for a massive fourteen societies.

The security team rushed to the scene to hold up the large piece of ceiling, in a topical and well received Macarena like formation.

Luckily, no one is thought to have been injured in the shocking incident, which is believed to have happened around 1am.

Hey Macarena

Rebecca Elvidge, a Journalism finalist, said: “It fell off in loads of random bits, and the staff looked pretty concerned that more was going to fall down in the places they hadn’t cornered off.

“Drunk people loved it, they kept trying to get closer to it through the human wall of security, and no one was hurt from what I saw either.”

Alex Potter, a social policy and criminology fresher, wasn’t so impressed: “Roar is shit. I’d had enough, the roof had had enough, I’m never going again.”