Second year starts safety campaign after brutal mugging

He was beaten and threatened with a knife


Mathematician Danny Glen has launched a safety campaign after he was mugged, beaten and threatened in Netherthorpe last month. 

Danny was attacked by two men at around 9:30pm on the 3rd February, just outside Netherthorpe tram station.

He had his mobile phone, wallet and a pair of headphones stolen as he walked under the underpass.

The mugging happened close to Netherthorpe tram stop

“I was walking to Lava Lounge to meet some friends….and as I was in the underpass the two guys in front of me turned around”, he said.

“They threw me to the ground, threatened me with a knife and kicked me in the head several times.”

The cold-hearted attackers fled the scene, having stolen Danny’s phone, wallet and headphones.

Summing up the whole ordeal, Danny said: “Luckily I got away with only a couple of bruises, it could have been much worse.”

Since the attack, he has launched a safety campaign, warning others to be wary of where they walk, particularly in the Walkley area.

He said: “I wasn’t aware of any dangerous areas and I never thought I’d get attacked, hence why I launched the campaign.”

“It seems like no-one knew of the area’s apparent notoriety”, he admits.

After releasing a press release, Danny also plans to contact the local MP following the next steps of his campaign.