Archaeology lecturer has the time of his life in WSL

Giving Myles Jones a run for his money


Self-confessed party animal Roger Doonan was seen letting his hair down in West Street Live last Monday Night. We met him later on in the week for a much needed debrief.

Onlookers watched in awe as he pranced, span, and pirouetted across the floor to “90s & 00s dance, R&B, and hiphop”.

Making friends as he went, he caught the eye of the WSL crowd, with Lauren, a Hispanic Studies second year, describing his moves as “definite Dad dancing”.


In the cold light of day, we interrogated the scholar about Monday night’s escapade. Strangely, Roger denied all knowledge of the incident. He explained about the mystery doppelganger who explores Sheffield’s nightlife.

“I have heard about an individual who apparently bears a striking resemblance to me and who frequently ventures out onto the Sheffield party scene”

We were shown the lecturer’s schedule which allegedly proved he was in Weston Bank Library from 5 until 10pm.


Roger did admit his love for hitting the club after “intense periods of academic study”.

His tipple of choice is a glass of red wine here and there, – white and rosé are apparently only for desperate times. According to Roger ,The Red Deer is “tremendous” for wine, they serve half price bottles which make for a perfect pre drinks.

Rogers favourite watering holes

Dr. Doonan went on to talk about his recollection of the morning after, “peeling away his red wine lips” and leading a field trip to one of Wincobank Sheffield’s key archaeological points of interest to 22 Chinese students. Lucky them.

Roger encourages positive relationships between students and lecturers, believing it to be “wonderful if you break that authoritarian boundary down – it’s nice to be relaxed enough for students to say what they actually think”.

And what better place to do it than WSL?

The dual honours degree of archaeology and dance

Roger said he considers the department club outings to be “exploring new teaching methods to increase student engagement”.

So what’s next for the partying lecturer? After hearing tales of his summer “research” trips to the Greek islands, secret archeology discos and wild times in Dorset on excavations, we predict Malia 2k15.