The ultimate guide to falafel on campus

It’s really important

We tried and tested all of the falafel eateries on campus, so you don’t have to.

It’s 2015 and falafel wraps are no longer just a hit with vegetarians. Essentially a fried or baked ball of hummus, bundle it up in a blanket of carby flatbread and it’s ludicrously delicious whatever your dietary requirements.

Grill & Go

Grill & Go is located at the Union and judging by the queue which constantly trails out of their doors, it should be an instant hit. Granted, they serve fillings other than falafel, but it’s the place to be for all wrap lovers come 1pm.

They use tortillas rather than flatbreads, so some of the genuine Middle Eastern feel is already lost, but pittas are available if you want to be pedantic. The falafel isn’t deep-fried, but baked instead, which makes for a disappointingly soggy texture throughout.

There are a wide range of sauces available to choose from and the mint, yoghurt and garlic mayo combination is always a hit, yet for some unknown reason, hummus isn’t available. Given it’s slightly expensive £3 price tag, that’s really not good enough.

Falafel Falafel

Located in Fusion, this is a hidden falafel hotspot frequently ignored by those who choose only to venture to the lower floors for club nights. Their falafels are baked, rather than fried, which is already a clear no no, and this is only amplified by the cold, stale composition of the wrap.

The hummus is the saving grace, with both original and Moroccan on offer, the latter of which even has some pleasant dried fruit hiding within.

Sadly the salad is nothing to write home about either, a decent range of veg with a suitable crunch but still fairly standard. There’s an above average range of sauces, but this small blessing is quickly tarnished as they soon begin drip out of the wrap, making the packaging soggier than a rainy Sheffield morning.


Falafel King

Regardless of the fact this place once had a one star hygiene rating, what it my lack in cleanliness it makes up for in flavour.

Falafel King deep-fry their falafel which is a welcome change from the underwhelming baked variety in other outlets, and there’s not much option of what is put into your wrap because ultimately, they know what works.

What really makes this place so special is they grill the entire wrap, ensuring everything molds together in pure harmony. The falafels are big and have an excellent crunch to shmush ratio, all at an affordable £2.50.

Long Live The King


Fanoush is a well established falafel chain which has three locations around Sheffield, and even boasts its own loyalty card scheme. “Happy Hour” actually lasts for three, from 2-5pm, and puts the 6″ wrap at a very affordable £2. It’s almost rude not to.

They have an incredible four options of hummus, which have the potential to fulfill every one of your chickpea based dreams. They also let you put whichever fillings you want in your wrap, in whatever quantity, which is both a blessing and a curse.

Curse wise, over indulging means the wrap often doesn’t actually come together, causing the dreaded drip into the paper and worried glances from concerned onlookers.

A bit saucy