Christy McMorrow is our new SU President

Fingers crossed for a Lokkit fashion line

The SU election results were announced in Foundry and Fusion tonight, complete with the usual forced excitement, graceful losing faces and cringey campaign slogans.

Voter turnout was a pitiful 7075 votes, just 26.6% of the total electorate and embarrassingly lower than last year’s turnout of 36%.

Nevertheless, Christy Mcmorrow made it to victory as President, alongside the likes of Minesh Parekh for Education and underdog, Annie Gainsborough, for activities.

Foundry and Fusion buzzin

First to be announced was SU Development officer, which went to Sociology third year, Evette Prout.

Education Officer was won by Minesh Parekh, who preceded to make a passionate overly-lefty speech, during which he exclaimed “fucking capitalism”.

Activities was bagged by underdog Annie Gainsborough, who won by a 2% margin against hot-favourite, Alex Monks.

Sheffield’s answer to S Club 7

In a less than shocking turn of events, Women’s Officer went to Sharmin Jahan, who ran completely unopposed for the position.

Sports officer went to Felicity Wilbraham.

An emotional Peggy Lim was also the popular winner of the International Students Officer.

Gabby Binnie bagged Welfare Officer, firmly tipping the gender balance in favour of women for next year’s SU officers, accounting for 6 out of the 8 roles.

The pinnacle of the night came with the gutting announcement that Christy Mcmorrow triumphed as Presisdent over the glorious Bee D’abéillé Lokkit, who ended up 5th in the results.

Fingers crossed Lokkit channels his frustrations into releasing a new fashion line.