Sheffield taxi drivers face crackdown on ‘inappropriate behaviour’

It’s about time


Taxi drivers in town have been warned they could lose their licences over dangerous driving and offensive behaviour.

This includes illegal parking, obstructing the highway and acting in an offensive manner.

It comes after members of the public have complained about an “ongoing problem” with drivers in areas such as the train station and Carver Street.

The problem is particularly with taxi ranks in the centre

Drivers have been issued a letter, informing them of the complaints and warning they could have their licences revoked.

In September we reported on extortionate fares in private taxis, as Freshers were duped into paying up to £10 for black cabs from Endcliffe to the Union, usually no more than a £4 journey with City or Mercury cars.

Malcolm, who currently works for City Taxis, said: “I’ve been a taxi driver for 31 years, and I’ve always done what’s best for people and looked after them when I used to work the night shifts, but a lot don’t.

“They’re only bothered about making money- I don’t think a lot of taxi drivers should be on the road.”

Outrage in September

Malcolm’s attitude doesn’t ring true with all drivers. One second year, who wished to remain anonymous, describes his horrifying ordeal with a taxi driver after a night out at Corp.

He explained: “I’d had too much to drink, lost my mates and my phone so went outside to get a cab home.

“Stopping at a cash point, I accidentally withdrew £200: the driver told me to give him the cash and then drove off, leaving me in the rain on my own.

“I ended up getting a lift home with a policeman who felt sorry for me.”

He’s not the only unhappy customer. Beth Maguire, English second year said: “I don’t feel safe getting in a taxi on my own, and wouldn’t let my friends take one alone either. I’m also sick of being ripped off by taxi drivers. Something has got to change.”