Glossop Road closed after incident in Broomhill

It is not yet clear what happened

Police are appealing for witnesses following an incident on Glossop Road yesterday afternoon.

The road was closed by emergency services for around two hours.

The incident is thought to have happened at George Jewellers, Broomhill

Police remained outside George Jewellers on Glossop road in Broomhill, where the incident is thought to have taken place.

Another onlooker tweeted there “was an incident in Broomhill” with “lots of police” this afternoon.

Third year Glossop Road resident, Adam Akdag said: “I heard sirens at about four this afternoon, it was all kicking off.”

Philosophy fresher, Ben Price said: “I was shocked to see a load of police cars whizzing past, happened at about four this afternoon.”

South Yorkshire Police are expected to release a statement shortly.