Battle of the genders: Who can dress you best for the club?

We put it to the test

Do boys not get enough credit for their fashion knowledge? Are we too harsh when we shoot them down for their opinions of our outfits?

In a battle of the genders, I put my two friends Chrissy and Alex to the test: who can dress me best for the best Pop, House and Indie nights out in Sheffield?

Tuesday Club

Alex– This fully black ensemble complete with sunglasses for that ‘celebrity hangover vibe’ that makes her fit right in at Tuesday Club, where people dress towards that “I’m so cool because I don’t care” look.

Chrissy– Tuesday Club is an opportunity to show off your waviest garmz – black high waisted trousers are a staple, teamed with a high bun, tartan crop top and choker to keep things cool.

The sunglasses say it all.


Alex– The Arctic Monkeys T-shirt is a must at Leadmill, to pay homage to the kings of the Sheffield music scene. The casual leggings are perfect for the relaxed atmosphere, whilst the heeled loafers add a hint of class.

Chrissy– This outfit is casual yet classy, on a Friday you want to dress up a bit, but also want to be comfortable whilst you drink away the woes of the week. The floral jumpsuit shouts carefree chic with Heather’s hair loosely curled and natural.

These attempts literally couldn’t be more different.

Pop Tarts

Chrissy– At Pop Tarts, outfits should be chosen based around ventilation and staying reasonably cool amongst the sweaty crowds of the Foundry, these quirky shorts are perfect for that. Dancing is the main aim of Saturday night at the union so the comfiest sandals are a must.

Alex– This look has very tropical vibes – perfect for a night out in the California girl capital – Pop Tarts. Bright colours are essential for this night in order to keep everyone in that classic euphoric state as they sing their hearts out.

These looks are almost identical. Apart from the sunglasses mishap and slightly unnecessary Arctic Monkeys T-Shirt, Alex has excelled in the fashion stakes.