Students occupy Nick Clegg’s office

They didn’t say sorry

national noad

Ballsy Free University of Sheffield protesters today occupied professional apologiser Nick Clegg’s constituency office on Nethergreen Road.

Students from the Free University of Sheffield Group stormed Nick Clegg’s Sheffield Hallam constituency office this morning while he was attending Prime Minister’s Questions in Westminster.

Originally 15 students occupied the office, with 20 more students arriving later and sitting outside.

The group was campaigning against the £9000 tuition fees for higher education.

Police were called soon after 11am to break up the protest.

Chris Saltmarsh, a member of the Free University of Sheffield group told The Tab: “We went down to the office about 11 this morning, with the intention of occupying it and protesting about the failings of liberal democracy.

“We knocked on the door and just walked straight in and sat down, I went on the roof and held a banner up. We were going to hold educational seminars but the police were called very quickly and intimidated us out, so we congregated outside till about 2.30.

“His constituency office is symbolic of the betrayal we have all faced.”

The Free University of Sheffield also said: “by occupying Clegg’s constituency office we aren’t just condemning Nick Clegg’s actions. We are rejecting the broader political system that has failed to represent us and we are making our voices heard in a way that voting in a general election could never allow.”

They also started the Twitter trends #OccupyClegg and #freeeducation