Wretch 32 at Ey Up has been cancelled tonight

He was maybe a thing about 6 years ago

The Union’s latest mediocre Ey Up guest has had to be cancelled tonight. 

The event was part of Ey Up’s monthly “take over” of the Octagon Centre, described as a “monster night out”.

This comes after last months event with Professor Green was moved to the much smaller venue of Foundry and Fusion.

Not tonight Wretch

Wretch will instead be performing at Roar on Wednesday. There’s been no reasons given for the surprise cancellation as of yet, although the rapper did tweet this morning: “if you reading this it’s too early”. Thought provoking.

Many were already underwhelmed by the appearance, as second year Biomedical Scientist Amy Barr said yesterday: “He’s shit and it’ll be a waste of a night. I bet he’ll do two songs and leave.”

Others weren’t even aware of the apparently prolific performer’s upcoming appearance, as Politics second year Lucy Pattinson said: “Oh I didn’t even know he was coming. Didn’t he do a song about a tractor?”

Full refunds are available the SU Box Office.