Uni hands over £100,000 to the Investment Society

That’s a lot of money


Suited investor undergrads have trousered a whopping £100,000 to trade on the stock market thanks to a generous donor.

The Investment Society website states they “manage £102,000 on the University of Sheffield” and “have an excellent performance record across their diverse portfolio”.

They invest in equities, fixed-income assets, commodities and funds throughout the world on behalf of the University. This money is then used to fund bursaries for those wanting to study at Sheffield, as well as helping fund undergraduates in starting their own business.

The Investment Society

Complaints were made to The Tab, including the Free University of Sheffield group who claimed the offering was a case of “warped management priorities” given the University’s constant refusal to pay the living wage to its staff.

But, the uni have now revealed that the £100,000 came from an alumni donor, and not University funds.

A spokesperson said: “The funds given to the Investment Society are from an alumni donor as part of an initiative launched in 2011 to form a student-run investment fund which teaches our students about investing, finance and the global economy.’

An alumni donor has given £100,000

“The alumni donor provides them with guidance and mentoring throughout the scheme. Students make investments through the donor and the system is capped in terms of the different types of investments available to manage risk and protect the alumni donation.

“Trading profits that are gained from the investment fund primarily provide bursaries for students wishing to study at the University. The remainder funds student enterprise projects and helps the Investment Society to fund events, guest speakers, and buy financial-related publications.”