Mike Tyson tweets his shock after huge Octagon boxing brawl

The most exciting thing to happen in the Octagon ever

The fight took place on Saturday and erupted into violence between the boxers’ fans and coaching staff, prompting a Twitter response from the boxing legend Mike Tyson. 

On Saturday night Muheed “Flashy” Fazeldin beat Uzair Najib by first round knockout at the Octagon, a venue more usually known for big SU nights out and exams.

But, some of Najib’s fans, who are seen in the video being asked to sit down by security, didn’t take the referee’s decision very well. They rushed the ring, where they were met by Fazeldin’s coach.

The coach, seen in a green hoody in the video, threw the first punch, at which point a mass brawl broke out.

Despite the compere’s reminders that “it’s about the boxers, calm down” the situation wasn’t rectified easily.

Marvin Wilson, local boxing fan and fundraiser for Cancer Research filmed the entire incident.

Mr Wilson said: “I heard that both fighters have had past issues prior to the fight so we was all in for an exciting fight…I think it was a disgrace to boxing and should have never happened, as it took the shine off the actual fight.”

Sharing in his outrage was none other than Mike Tyson, former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

Tyson tweeted a link to the video to his 4.6 million followers and expressed his shock at the violence which ensued.

Arguably the most exciting thing to happen ever in the Octagon, after the melee was broken up the evening eventually continued as scheduled.

Credit to Marvin Wilson for the video.