Horror at Ranmoor pre-drinks as ‘gunman’ terrorises first years

He declared: ‘I am God’

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Terrified freshers had to cower behind locked doors after an intruder pulled a ‘gun’ during their pre-drinks.

The man, believed to be a fresher, was asked to leave Wimberry F3 after he let himself in and repeatedly declared “I am God.”

He started banging on people’s doors and when he eventually left, he brandished what looked like a black pistol.

The terrifying incident took place between 10:15 and 11pm.

South Yorkshire Police have confirmed a man was arrested at the scene for possession of an imitation firearm.

Louie Buckland, an F3 resident, said: “I was in the shower at the time and I came out after hearing banging and screaming.

“The gunman then started walking out, and we managed to lock him out of the flat. He stood outside the door and started pointing the gun at us through the glass panel and waving it around at passers by.

“It was pretty terrifying. You always think what you’d do in that situation, but you never actually consider it happening to you.

“Obviously we still made it out to Plug though.”

The gunman was banging on people’s doors

Dave Hinton, who also lives in F3, said: “We’d left our door on the latch and this guy let himself into our pre drinks. He was stumbling around and saying ‘I am God’ repeatedly.

“The gunman walked down the hall banging on people’s doors repeatedly.

“[After he left] He then pulled a gun and started waving it around. It was a black, substantially sized pistol.

“People were screaming, some dropped to the floor and others locked themselves in their rooms.”

Fernando Conceicao said: “It was just really messed up. He was in my mate’s flat and other floors lurking about in Ranmoor saying ‘I am God’ repeatedly and was pretty incoherent. We decided to escort him out where he proceeded try to go for his pockets multiple times and we asked him not to.

“We thought he probably had a knife or something and best thing to do was probably take him outside. He wet himself on the stairs.

“Once we got him outside the main door at Wimberry he had his back turned and then all of a sudden he pulled out what looked like a real pistol. We all ducked and either ran into the bottom floor flats or ran upstairs.

“It looked very real as it didn’t have a orange safety cap on the end and someone I knew who was with me saw him cock it. We called security and the police and they arrested him pretty quickly.

“To be honest I’m still pretty shaken up by the whole thing and never thought in my life I’d see straight down the barrel of a gun. We still don’t know if it was a BB or unloaded but I’d rather have not found out tonight.”

Horrified freshers have been tweeting following last night’s disturbing events, with one Wimberry resident coining the hashtag #WeSurvivedTheWimberryShootings.