I don’t get Tuesday Club

Toddla T once said ‘Tuesdays are the new Fridays in Sheffield. Believe the Hype’. What hype is that exactly?

Expensive drinks, patterned shirts, and even the occasional shuffler. Tuesday Club is not all it’s cracked up to be. 

One of the most popular Union nights attracts that certain type of punter. You know the one – the bandana wearing, floral shirted, trainer kicking guys that just try far too hard. It’s the vintage “house style” fashion that isn’t your normal night out attire. They dress more like wavy wildlife explorers than people embarking on a club night.

Who wants to go out looking like their parents in the 80s? Clearly the girls that shuffle around the sticky floors in Foundry dressed in the weirdest patterns and thinking they’re edgy.

That’s another thing, the shuffle. Can we not? It’s more like a cross between poor attempts at the robot, the moonwalk and miming all at once. Most of them are either jingling around on MD, or at the very least pretending to be. It’s absolutely gurn galore.

TTC is one of those club nights that’s having an identity crisis, it doesn’t know what it wants be. Is it dance? Is it house? Is it drum and bass? The music depends on the DJ, and there is no denying that Tuesday Club attracts some big names.

TTC in full swing

BBC Radio 1 DJ and local legend Toddla T once said: “Tuesdays are the new Fridays in Sheffield. Believe the Hype”. What hype is that exactly?

Realistically, what could be worse than a night out when you know you’re not even halfway through the week yet? Surely the prospect of the Wednesday morning struggle alone would be too much to warrant heading to the bar for another double.

Don’t be fooled by the big names either. Last March, in the peak of the “Rather Be” hype, people had been flogging Clean Bandit tickets for up to £30 the day before. In the end, one guy turned up to play. He literally just put his iTunes on and bopped his head around a little. Massively anti climatic.

Paying all that money for tickets seems incredulous compared to other local club nights. Add that onto taxis, the usual steep Union drinks prices, and a Balti King, and you’re looking at a £30 night at the very least. Think about that in terms of cheesy naans, and make up your own mind.