Bouncer tells second year he should be fed to the dogs because he thinks he’s gay

The foul mouthed rant was caught on video

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This is the moment a bouncer yelled vile homophobic abuse at a second year.

Chemistry student Rory Barker was called a “gayboy” and told he should be fed to dogs as he left Corp on Friday night.

He claims he was hit across the face by an unidentified member of staff minutes earlier, leaving him with a black eye.

When he reported the assault to a bouncer outside, Rory says they told him to “fuck off”.

Rory told The Tab: “It was like being in a boxing match.

“I ended up having to cover my face as he tried to upper cut me, and got punched in the side instead.

“I was then escorted outside where we asked the bouncers if they thought their colleague’s behaviour was ok, and they responded by telling us to fuck off.”

He added: “I was then asked by one of them if I was a gay boy, and when I replied ‘no, not that it matters’, they replied ‘are you sure? You look like a slimy little gay’.

“I was too astonished and incredulous to their open homophobic comments to feel angry or embarrassed.”

Rory has reported the incident to the police.

Rory’s friend had got into an argument with another girl while they were inside, and the staff member had come to calm them down.

But rather than break up the fight, he ended up hitting Rory in the face and grabbed Jess, Rory’s friend.

The Tab has spoken to several people who witnessed the incident.

Second year John, who was with the group, said: “After Jess lost her phone, the bouncer was being quite rough with her. So Rory told him to calm down and he hit him in the face.”

Jess Keane told The Tab: “Rory stepped in to get me away from the bouncer where he then took a punch to the face.”

The Tab has tried to contact Corporation for a comment.