We tried a pizza burger at The Harley

It’s not for the faint-hearted

Often known for its unique menu choices, it was time to try The Harley’s latest obscure offering: the “Pizza Burger”.

Having effectively starved myself all day, I was prepared of the challenge ahead: an orgasmic blend of double beef patty sandwiched between two small pizzas, smothered in Monterey Jack cheese, cheddar and heart shaped pepperoni.


Upon arrival, the chefs refused to disclose the amount of calories the burger contained, hinting “I wouldn’t want to know”, and also advised I didn’t order a side of chips. Promising.

Having expected a massive calzone-type dish, I was slightly underwhelmed at the size of the burger, and immediately regretted my decision not to order a side.

Nevertheless, the first bite was euphoric; the taste of meat overwhelmed my senses and molten cheese clung to my fingers like a needy child clinging to the hand of a parent. 

Powering through

As I met the half way point, I continued to shovel frenzied bites of meat into my mouth, no longer caring about the meat juices dripping down my cheeks or the horrified looks I was receiving from my friends. It was no longer about the taste of the burger, it was about finishing it.

Going for it

Over time, the taste of pizza base became too much to bear and I gave up, leaving behind a small chunk of pizza, a lot of cheese, and a sense of the woman I once was who’d been rendered defeated by a burger. I didn’t eat for the next 16 hours.

A solid effort

A challenge not for the faint-hearted, particularly as post-consumption cardiac arrest seems almost inevitable. I’d give the pizza-burger a solid 7/10.