This second year is standing in the general election

What have you done today?

Thom Brown, a Politics and Philosophy second year, will be one of the youngest candidates in the country at this years general election.

The 20 year old, who lived in Endcliffe last year, is running as a candidate for the “Above and Beyond” party.

The party describe themselves as a “movement for change”, aiming to offer an alternative vote for those who do have a political opinion, but see nothing they want from the mainstream parties.

“We’re not necessarily in it to win, but we want to give those who may not have voted in the past an opportunity to in this election. Mainly we want to spark debate and get people talking about how this country is actually run,” said Thom.

Thom taking a break in his Tab T-shirt

“I’ve always had an interest in politics, and after doing it at A-Level I realised I wanted to take it further for my degree.

“I’d been involved in political movements before but I found the Above and Beyond party online, and after doing a bit of work with them before they emailed me around November time last year and asked if I wanted to get properly involved.

“It was originally called the ‘None of the Above’ party, but this isn’t actually allowed as it confuses voters and makes them think they aren’t actually voting for any party in particular.’

Thom’s favourite club is Corp

“I don’t have too heavy a timetable so fitting it in with my studies hasn’t been too hard as of yet, although i’m sure that will change when it gets closer to April.

“In the lead up to the election I’m going to have a lot of door knocking, and flyering to do. I’m also in the process of trying to start an ‘Above and Beyond’ society at uni.

“When i’m not campaigning I like playing football and running, and going to Corp. I’d say Corp is my favourite club in Sheffield.”