Most romantic places on campus

Where are you taking bae?

Whether you’re out looking for love this Valentine’s Day or strolling round campus with your current amore, these five places are exactly where you’ll want to be.

Top floor Arts Tower

The Arts Tower may not be the most aesthetically pleasing building in Sheffield, but inside it’s positively bursting with romantic spots to take your loved one.

The Paternoster for a start boasts a “maximum two persons” policy which makes it perfect for couples, you could easily try and canoodle/kiss/get naked in it this Valentine’s Day.

If romance isn’t already blooming from the thrilling ride, take your loved one to the highest point in the tower where the breath taking views are sure to make your valentines swoon.

So romantic

Western Bank

Take in that sweet, musty aroma of academia in the study room and be transported to your deepest, darkest Hogwarts fantasies.

Unless you’re into improvisation, the strict silence throughout doesn’t bode that well for current couples, but if it’s love you’re looking for you’re almost guaranteed to succeed in Western Bank.

The intense intellectual pressure of the Mezzanine gives rise to a heightened sense of emotions. Before you know it you’ll be creeping round the bookshelves, feigning an interest in Korean literature, and shooting flirty looks at anyone above a 3/10.


View Cafe and Deli

The View Deli is a deliciously niche spot for optimistic and youthful couples looking for seclusion and sophistication in equal measure. The obvious USP of this Valentines spot is its breathtaking views of our beautiful city.

A date on the balcony is sure to kindle warm romantic feeling in the heart of your partner. But, the View doesn’t just provide a delightful perspective of S1, oh no. At £2.70 for a baguette and hot drink this location is ideal for a cute but more importantly good value date this weekend.

A charming vista

Weston Park

Weston Park is quite easily one of the most picturesque and intimate spots in Sheffield. Take a walk through the trees and over the bridges, take a picnic to one of the benches that overlook the pond, grab your partner’s hand and thrill them with some history in the museum – the opportunities are endless.

If you’re alone this Valentine’s Day, head there anyway, there’s a man who kisses the pigeons who may well be alone too.

Love <3

Broomhill Car Park

Technically not on campus, but provides a glorious view of uni come dusk and is a gem all the same. Take your loved one to the back of Broomhill shops, past the South Sea and follow the signs round to the car park.

Divert their attention from the Balti King bins and encourage them to take in the sweet, sweet aroma of the Prithi Raj.

The urban vista is remarkable, on a clear day you can see for miles, and if not- see a bustling Broomhill, The Arts Tower and the eyesore that is Hallamshire Hospital. Gaze into each others eyes for a while and complete the romantic pleasantries, then top it off with a visit to Flavours, BHF, or any other desired takeaway.

This secluded, hidden away spot offers a unique and intimate vibe that bae will no doubt absolutely lap up.

Broomhill at dusk