This Arts Tower toilet sign tells girls how to go to the toilet

Just in case you’d forgotten

The A4 sign in a ladies toilets of the Arts Tower offers a five-step instruction process on how to go to the toilet.

The crumpled sign is plastered across the back of every door in the Level 10 ladies toilets.

The standard bathroom etiquette notice politely reminds women that they should flush the toilet, wipe the seat and wash their hands before they leave, as well as using the toilet brush if necessary.

One toilet user is evidently still baffled by the code of conduct, graffitiing: “I did…it hurt” alongside the “please use the toilet brush if necessary.” That, or they were insulted at the somewhat patronising nature of the notice.


Assuming that it is the latter and women are unable to use the bathroom without help, it’s lucky the Arts Tower staff have been able to address the issue so intelligently.

“Well I’m not surprised there’s a sign, have you seen the state of the IC toilets?” said Danny Norton, English Language and Linguistics second year.

She knows 

Others aren’t quite as happy with the nursery school esque instructions:  “Good to see our £9000 a year is being put to good use, and we’re now being educated not only on our chosen subjects but also on how to conduct everyday activities.” said Caroline Schaufelberger, first year Biomedical Scientist.

“Hopefully we can expect some educational posters up in Coffee Revolution telling us how to drink in the near future.”