Fresher’s misery after heartless pair steal her Tesco delivery

The CCTV shows they headed towards Yarncliffe

Fuming fresher Rosie Wilkinson had an entire Tesco delivery stolen on Tuesday morning by two cruel Endcliffe residents.

The delivery was scheduled for between 10am and 11am, but the first year’s lack of signal meant she didn’t receive the delivery call from Tesco, and a 10:41 voicemail from the driver didn’t come through until hours later.

At this point, the Chemist assumed she’d simply missed it and quickly went online to arrange a re-delivery, only to discover her shopping was marked as delivered.

A distressed Rosie

She said: “I went to the Edge on Wednesday morning and asked them to check the CCTV from 10:44 to 11:00, which is when the voicemail indicated it had been delivered.

“They rung me up later in the day, and had found that 2 people had taken my delivery and headed towards Yarncliffe, but that’s all they could find, and that they couldn’t do anything else.

“Which begs the question of why can’t they look at the CCTV inside the building? Do the cameras actually work or can they not be bothered?’

Rosie’s post to the ‘University of Sheffield Firmers 2014’ page

“I’m really quite annoyed that people are selfish enough to do this. You can’t even blame it on drunken antics, as I find it hard to believe they were absolutely smashed at nearly 11am on a Tuesday morning.

“At first I was laughing at how disappointed they would have been at my delivery. I’m a vegan, they’ll have opened the bags to find 2 watermelons, a load of salad dressings, vegan milk and 8 bags of frozen fruit.”

A vegan fridge

“I’m perfectly aware my shopping is strange and I could really just imagine them saying ‘what on earth is this shit?’. The most distressing part of this whole scenario was the lost alcohol though. I’d been really looking forward to getting my peach schnapps.

Rosie messaged the Tesco Facebook page and not only did they redeliver her order the next day, but they also gave her a £10 voucher to use on her next order. They also assured her they will be ID’ing students in future to avoid any similar incidents.