Cheap wine review: Select and Save 2 for £5.49 ‘Shyraz’

It’s nothing to wine about

In the first installment of our cheap wine series, we sample Broomhill Select and Save’s 2 for £5.49 offering, and surprisingly, it doesn’t disappoint.

After a post exam week on the sauce, I decided it was time to replenish my ill-health with no other than Select and Save’s very own “Shyraz”.

Not only is it one of a kind with its original, non-tacky take on the conventional Shiraz spelling, but it also only costs an affordable £2.745 a bottle. Two for £5.49 – a deal so scandalously inconceivable no other store dare try and match it.

Surprisingly luxurious packaging

Although fearing the worst, I went in with an open mind. Yet, as the screw lid came off, I was engulfed not by the smell of open wounds as you may expect from a wine of this calibre, but by the sweet smell of crushed grapes.

If I closed my eyes I could see the red stained feet of an Italian stallion massaging the grapes in the hot sun, his shirt sticking to his sweat glazed body, his tanned arms rippling with the muscles of a man who clearly knows the secret of making a wine so intense that it melts a woman’s heart.

The Ranmoor vista

I watch the droplets of wine caress and cling to the inside of my glass as I pour it, the aroma of the heart of Italy touching and seeping into every pore on my skin. The diluted red colour of the liquid is that of the blood of the Gods and I blush at the thought of letting it trickle down my throat.

The first sip is simply an overwhelming explosion of fruitiness in my mouth. The elegant flavours of the grapes course through my taste buds like vinegar and through my body like a disease.

The opulent, refined, silky essences embrace every fibre of my body and every cell in my brain. It is soothing, calming, providing my body with the nutrients it needs to get through the day.

No regretz

I finish my glass with ease. Let it be known that Select and Save have provided us with a beautiful, strong bodied, full flavoured wine with the power to cure the world of its evils and hearts of their sins. I couldn’t recommend this more.