Freshers kick off on Twitter after being forced to attend ‘dumb’ mandatory lecture

One of the speakers pronounced it ‘Shaffield’

Disgruntled first years are ripping the Social Sciences department to shreds on Twitter after being forced to attend an uncredited day of lectures today.

The group of 2000 Social Scientists have been forced to attend the event as part of a project challenge week called “State of Sheffield”, which the Uni describes online as “a stimulating challenge which addresses global issues and their impacts”.

The hashtag #StateOfSheffield14, originally started by the official University Twitter account, has today taken on a life of it’s own as students have used it to voice their outrage at the event, with one Fresher going as far to compare the day to Guantanamo torture systems.

“The whole thing is dumb and pointless,” said Ranmoor resident Izzy Raine.

“I couldn’t even really tell you what anyone said. One woman pronounced Sheffield ‘Shaffield’ which was infuriating, this was then followed by someone writing a song with an accordion accompaniment, like a shit pantomime.

“Luckily we got Broomhill for our project but other groups are going to have to travel to places to do their research. It’s going to cost the people next to me £6 a day to get to their place. Add that to 9 grand a year- thanks Sheffield. Seems they want to take our money for all it’s worth.

“We’re having to do mapping training this afternoon except they don’t have enough computers. It’s a shambles , and a waste of everyone’s time, money and effort.”

One unhappy Social Scientist said: “pulling out my own teeth would be more bearable”, with Law and Social Policy student Alex Potter even offering to run on stage naked after 50 retweets.

His tweet has since had 120 retweets and he’s being urged by bored coursemates to follow through with his promise.

“I’m currently being called the Sheffield bottler,” said Alex.

Following the morning of bizarre guest speakers, students are now being forced to queue outside the Arts Tower in single line fashion, enduring the infamous wind tunnel and Baltic-like temperatures in order to continue with the afternoon program.