Dan Bean speaks out about his incredible weight loss journey

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for


If you’ve been anywhere near the Friery this term, you’ll have found yourself mesmerised by the new slim and svelte figure lurking behind that sweaty doner spit. We spoke to the enigma himself on his new look for 2015. 

Over the past few months, Dan’s disciplined diet regime and passion for hot yoga has helped him lose a massive six stone. Fairly self explanatory, hot yoga is simply standard yoga positions performed in up to 40 degree temperatures, and according to Dan holds the key to his dramatic weight loss success.


Those lucky enough to be Facebook friends with DB himself will have already admired his 20 strong album of yoga pictures from his recent Christmas holiday to Egypt, which include classic poses such as the “lizard hunting for food”, “the crow” and “the wheel of fortune”.


When back at the Friery palace, Dan also regularly enjoys sessions in the Peaks, praising its “natural beauty and spectacular views”.


“It wasn’t actually an official yoga retreat, but over Christmas I took my Mum and Sister on holiday to Egypt and taught them a bit of yoga on the beach, I really want my family to start yoga too,” said Dan.

“I had the yoga pictures taken on the beach because of the natural sunlight. I’ve lost 6 stone altogether, but I still didn’t miss out on Christmas dinner and I still love a good fish and chips from my place.

“My Grandma Rita Bean, Sean Bean’s Mum, cooked for the entire family for Christmas and she is 80. She also helps at the shop for 4 hours a day when I’m sleeping.”

That definition

“I totally recommend hot yoga. The centre I’m at in Walkley is amazing, or you could try some classes at Goodwin which are also really good.

“My advice for those also wanting to lose weight would firstly be to prepare meals before work, although I do think you get bored of your own food sometimes so me and the staff will still go out for a curry occasionally after work.”

Loves it

“You also need to implement a routine you can maintain for the rest of your life, not just a year plan or a two month fad.”

All fingers crossed for a 2016 fitness DVD release.