Ed Miliband came to Sheffield and promised not to ban Snapchat

And he’s got a mysterious tan

Hallam Union was graced with the presence of Labour leader Ed Miliband, this afternoon, who chatted about a wide range of important issues from sex ed to Snapchat.

The conference took place at Hallam SU (the ugly building which looks like a curling stone), and featured an audience of hundreds of students, journalists and various lefty-types.

Ed rattled on about a whole manner of important “student” issues, before taking questions from the floor.

The audience was filled with students and journalists from across the UK


He was also sporting a mysterious tan and a set of alarmingly white teeth.

Ed gave the usual spiel on the NHS and living standards, and was then asked a number of questions from the audience, ranging from problems with student landlords to childish behaviour during prime minister’s questions.

Quite crucially, he also promised that he was “not going to ban Snapchat”.

Ed working his charm 

Taken aback by Ed’s charm, third year Economist, Charlotte Bristowe, said: “he’s actually quite fit in real life. I wouldn’t say no.”

He was later asked to choose between Boris Johnson and Theresa May as to who would be a better leader of the opposition, but disappointingly, refused to comment on the matter.

Well, at least we know Snapchat’s safe in Ed’s hands.