Broomhill Morrisons finally opened its doors on Friday

And it is exceptional

The long awaited Fulwood Road store was newly unveiled on Friday morning, and we were invited to the cutting of the ribbon.

Gone are Spar’s dingy aisles and horrifyingly expensive “deals” on chicken- instead, the new Morrisons boasts real trolleys, a coffee machine and arguably the widest range of meal deal components in the S10 area.

It even has a salad bar, and bacon sandwiches.

So many options

“Well it’s incredible. Really big inside and and a very impressive selection of goods. Overall I’d give  9/10 as a shopping experience, will definitely be taking my business there in future” said second year Economist, Jake Williams.

The new store has been hailed a ‘9/10 shopping experience’

The store manager explained how they were keen to “give back to the local community”- “we’re not here as an enemy or to steal business, we want to work with the locals stores.” They’ve also set up fundraising with the children’s hospital.

Despite this, General Manager Richard Smith couldn’t help pointing out “We’re much cheaper than Sainsbury’s and marginally cheaper than Tesco’s too. Hopefully students will come here – we’re selling a range of world foods for international students and our meal deals are actually a good deal”.

On a mad one

The store was opened by celebrity guest Theo the Bear, Sheffield Children’s Hospital mascot. It brought twenty new jobs to the Broomhill area, and will be open until till 11pm every night bar Sunday, when it will close at 6pm.

Damien, from Tesco, still insisted “We’re much cooler than Morrisons, and we’ve got better deals on beer.”