Fat suit fresher goes on IC gift-giving spree

He’s being hailed as a hero

A generous first year went on a goodwill tour of the IC on Wednesday night handing out sweets and good luck notes.

20-year-old Ikmal Hazrul gave out the gifts  in what he describes as a “random act of kindness”.

Dressed in an inflatable red fat suit and accompanied by his friend, Ikmal made his way through several floors of the IC handing out various packets of sweets and chocolates in envelopes that read: “Good luck in your exam! #Ikky73”.

A video taken shows Ikmal and his mate walking into an IC classroom and handing out the gifts. Unable to talk due to the fatsuit Ikmal’s friend announces “We’ve got a little present for you!”.

The Accounting and Finance student said: “It all started after a bet on Instagram. I bought the fatsuit and posted a video of me dancing in it.

“One of my friends saw it and bet me £20 to walk around in the IC in it.

“I accepted the dare but soon realised it would be stupid doing it for nothing, especially when people are stressing about exams. So I bought £30 of chocolate, put them in envelopes and wrote a little good luck message on them.’

Ikmal earlier tweeted pictures of his shopping basket

“It took me well over 45 minutes just filling and sealing the envelopes!

“I put on my suit and first stepped out of the lift on Level four. Everyone was pretty much speechless at first. The girls started laughing and taking pictures, although the guys seemed to be trying to control their smiles!

“To be honest I received very mixed reactions. Some people wouldn’t even look at or acknowledge me, some even wanted to return the envelope or give it to someone else.

One happy receiver

“Most were really happy though. I’m on Level three in the Facebook video, some people were fighting for it there- and one guy even wanted more than one!

“I saw one girl post her note on her Facebook status and that made me so happy. I like making people laugh and having a good time I guess.

“If I was studying and a guy walked up to me in a giant fat suit and gave me a chocolate, it would definitely make my day.”

10 points to Ikmal.