Man robs Crookesmoor Co-op armed with a machete

Police have warned residents that a machete was used in the attack

Police are appealing for witnesses following an armed robbery in the Crookesmoor Co-op store.

The incident took place at the store on Barber Road, Crookesmoor, at around 10pm on Sunday.

Reports claim that a man entered the store and threatened staff with a weapon, before asking for money.

The robbery took place in the Co-op store on Barber road late Sunday evening

The robbery took place in the Co-op store on Barber road at 10pm on Sunday evening

Nobody is believed to have been injured, but a significant sum of money was taken.

The man is described as a white man around 6ft tall and fled the scene in the direction of Roebuck Road.

Alex Potter, second year Barber Road resident admitted: “To be honest, we didn’t know anything had happened until the police knocked on the door and chatted to us yesterday.”

“All we were told by police was it was one guy with a machete. Fucking terrifying.”

Police are urging that anyone with information should contact 101 quoting incident number 974 of December 7.