Thousands sign petition to stop noise complaints in town

Sick of noise? Deal with it

Disgruntled DJs and bar owners nationwide have started an online petition to end ‘excessive’ noise complaints.

The petition is part of a campaign for those living near bars and live music venues to sign an agreement which denies them the right to make complaints about noise.

It adds, simply, “if they didn’t want to be bothered by [it]…they shouldn’t have moved there in the first place”.

ooh bitchy

ooh bitchy

On a more boring note, they also claim that it will help the UK entertainment industry and music scene, which could become endangered by such noise complaints.

Well, that and the atrocities being produced from the likes of The X factor.

This means that the lucky few living on West Street could no longer complain of hearing “It’s My Birthday” and other top 40 “bangers” blasting from the likes of Crystal for the millionth time.

A silent West Street would just be creepy...and a bit shit

A silent West Street would just be creepy…and a bit shit

Signatures on the online e-petition have astonishingly reached almost 39,000 – that’s probably more than the amount of followers than half of the Made In Chelsea cast have.

Sheffield-based sound engineer, Sam Staton, supports the petition.

He said: “if you move next to a business that plays music, noise complaints shouldn’t be made.

“When a person moves near a pub, club or venue, they should expect noise.”