Klaxons hit the road with 3D printed guitars created by Sheffield grads

Yeah, you can print guitars now

Uni boffins have helped create “magical” guitars to be used on the Klaxon’s latest tour.

Both the bass and lead guitar were created using 3D printing technology and experts from the University, including 3 recent graduates.

The graduates, Mahdi Hosseini, Sophie Findlay and Justas Cernas set up a new company to design and create custom 3D-printed guitars.

Mahdi came up with the idea after realising that his dream of a personalised guitar was too expensive– unless he could get one printed.


With the help of uni experts, they were then able to create the guitars for the Klaxons, who announced that they would be using 3D printed instruments last June.

The guitars are on the road for the first time as part of the Klaxons tour which kicked off on Saturday.

After playing the guitars for the first time, Jamie Reynolds, bassist for Klaxons, said he was “absolutely blown away”.

Fellow bandmate, Simon Taylor-Davies said the innovative instruments are “about as magical as it gets”.