Design your own Sheffield festival

Tell us what bands and DJs should play next year’s student-only summer festival

Chances are, your news feed last summer was full of pictures like this.


Or this.


Or maybe even this.


What if we told you that Sheffield is getting its own festival next summer, purely for students? And what if we told you that you can pick who performs at it, as well as have a say about how much tickets will cost?

Ahead of the first ever Student Summer festival in Sheffield, the organisers have opened up the design process, allowing you to get involved on everything from what the festival looks like to who you end up dancing to in the early hours of the morning.

Tell us what you want to see at next summer’s event by using the form below, and next year, as you walk from the stage to the bar, you can proudly boast to anyone who’ll listen that it was your idea to book that band.

Festival reps will also be on campus at both Sheffield and Hallam throughout the term, so keep an eye out for more opportunities to get involved and make this festival your own.