‘Robberham’: Teens jailed for Crookes burglaries

Teenage trio jailed for burglaries across Crookes

Three teenagers responsible for several burglaries across Crookes, have been jailed for a total of six years. 

This follows a crackdown after a wave of burglaries across Crookes, Crookesmoor and the Broomhill area.

The Crookes ‘crooks’ were named as Alex Whittingham, aged 19 and Connor Brailsford, 18. They also had a 17-year-old accomplice,  who can’t be named for legal reasons.


The teens were sentenced in Sheffield Crown Court earlier this week

The teenage trio admitted their offences in front of Sheffield Crown court and are now each facing around 2 years of jail time.

The teens were responsible for burglaries across Crookes, Handsworth and areas of Rotherham in March.

Despite the arrests, police are still urging students to be cautious after another wave of break-ins in student areas.

This includes a burglary in the last fortnight where a student’s car was stolen whilst at Pop Tarts.


This follows a recent outbreak of burglaries in student areas

Juliet, who lives on Harcourt Road in Crookesmoor, also had her house broken into while she was sitting in the front room.

“We were sat in the living room enjoying the traditional post-Pop Tarts friery when the door burst open”.

“In walked a hooded man who saw us, panicked, clicked his finger, swore and walked out.” Charming.

Officers have carried out inquiries in student areas and are conducting door to door advice, reminding students to be security conscious and keep all doors locked even when in the property.