No one gives a shit about the University Arms

Uni Arms demolition in new ‘Campus Masterplan’

Plans to demolish the University Arms have sparked outrage amongst Sheffield University’s students- but most don’t give a shit.

The proposal to destroy the pub comes as part of the University’s ten-year “Campus Masterplan”which will involve the general sprucing up of the whole campus, adding features such as “playful paving”to the concourse, “seasonal meadow planting”around St George’s Chapel, and an “Urban rain garden”near Hicks.

Not to mention pedestrianizing Western Bank


This is what our £9,000 is being spent on, people.

Despite being recently refurbished and reopened on the 15th September, there’s a strong possibility of the demolition of the old-style pub to make way for new, unspecified buildings.

We asked for students’opinions on the topic.

What is the University Arms?”-Rhiannon, 2nd Year Molecular Biology

“I’d love to care”says Eve, a 1st year Law and Criminology student- but she just doesn’t.

Others were of a similar opinion- “I don’t use it anyway, there’s loads of other places to go”said Lucy, 4th year English and French student, who’s never been inside.

The prospect of demolition seemed to appeal to Samard, a PHD Dentistry student. “Sheffield is old,”he said. “the Union is nice and new. New buildings are better to cater for students’needs.”

“The Union is nice and new”

Other students agree that with the competition of Bar One and Interval, the University Arms seems a bit unnecessary.

“Bar One and Interval are more popular,”said Charlotte, 2nd year journalism.

“I walked into the Uni Arms once to look at the menu, and promptly left”Alex, a 2nd year Computer Science student told us.

There has, surprisingly, been a small amount of opposition and outrage.

Someone wanted his face hidden

“I’d always rather have a pub than a place to study,”said Eleanor, a 2nd year Journalism student.

The “Save University Arms!”petition, courtesy of Sheffield University’s Lib Dems has amassed over 1,500 signatures.

“The University Arms is a beautiful building as well as a great real ale pub, and is used by many of the students, societies and staff that the University is supposed to cater for.,” is the emotional line hoping to inspire students into signing the petition.

However, just seven people turned up for the actual campaigning- as no one else can be arsed.