Sheffield tops uni rankings in Librarianship

University’s on the down, Hallam’s on the up, new stats reveal.

The Complete University Guide 2015 has arrived, bringing with it a wave of unexpected findings and being overtaken in the league tables by some rather surprising institutions.

Leeds take the lead

The University of Sheffield placed 26th, a non mover from the 2014 guide. The University peaked in the 22nd slot back in 2009 and its rank has declined steeper than the average gradient of Conduit hill.

Surprisingly, degrees in Librarianship & Information Management came out on top – with Sheffield being ranked as #1. This poses the question: How can our university be so gifted in the arts of Librarianship but students still can’t manage to swipe into the IC on the first attempt?

Now THIS is how you do it…

Sheffield Hallam still have a long way to go at catching us up, but have climbed 10 places, putting them at 40 behind us. Our polytechnic neighbour also escaped the top 50 in areas such as Psychology, Law, Politics and English. It’s another defeat for Hallam, perhaps more harrowing than the varsity points fiasco.

Other high climbers in the chart included Cardiff and East Anglia, all overtaking Sheffield in the overall rankings.

Despite this, Sheffield still came in the top 10 for Engineering, Linguistics, Politics, Ophthalmics and Theology.

Law is found guilty

Rankings in Sheffield’s Law department have also slipped over the past 4 years going from 25 to 34 – making it the lowest ranked course at the University.

However, third year Law student, Robyn, explains that the low rating doesn’t bother her and, actually, the law department at the university is great. She continues: “I wouldn’t take into account the University ranking if I were to choose where to study, but instead favour speaking to someone who has been to the University”.

In light of new investments being made for other departments at the University, such as the Diamond, Robyn does admit that “I wouldn’t have minded paying less for my degree which is clearly cheaper to run”.

But it’s not all bad news, with overall graduate prospects at 71.4% and degree completion at 94% Sheffield University isn’t all bad, for how your subject ranks check it out here.