IC staff get fired up over smoking

Staff at the IC move smokers away from the IC, leaving them out in the cold.

IC staff have banned all smoking outside the entrance, leaving smokers to battle the elements.

Signs have been placed as well as enforcement from staff, urging smokers to move away from the foyer. This comes in light of apparent complaints over the smell of smoke in the lobby.

Oooh bitchy

Oooh bitchy

Let’s face it, Sheffield isn’t renowned for its sunny weather, leaving smokers left out to brave the elements, making a trip to the IC even more unbearable during exam season.

The IC manager insists: “The smoking ban that exists in the building is linked to legislative requirements…with this in mind, smokers can be asked to move if they are effectively prohibiting people from accessing the building without having to walk through a wall of smoke.”

He also added: “The Information Commons is the ultimate workspace for students and we want to ensure that all of our students and staff can benefit from this exceptional resource.” Clearly he hasn’t had to spend 24 hours in there.

IC trouble ahead

IC trouble ahead…

Apparently, they had also suggested a new smoking shelter, an idea rejected by the university.

Third year Philosiphy student, Liam, seemed less than impressed. “To be frank, I have plenty of complaints about the IC smelling of BO, but I wouldn’t ask people who struggle with personal hygiene to go stand in the rain”.

The ban is becoming a real drag for smokers...

The ban is becoming a real drag for smokers…

Second year Human Communication Science student and fellow smoker, Hannah, also agrees. “It’s absolutely ridiculous, there are so many student smokers whom use smoking as an outlet for stress and a quick break from revision.”

Speech therapy student and second year, Emma, however, sees this as a good thing: “it stops non-smokers being subjected to second-hand smoke when they are trying to get fresh air!”.

Whatever the case, it looks like the ban is set to stay in place for now.

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