Vice-Chancellor accused of calling security personnel ‘plebs’

VC in hot water after anger at buggy left in Big Burnett’s private parking space

University of Sheffield Vice-Chancellor Sir Keith Burnett has been accused of verbally abusing two security personnel outside Firth Court, calling them ‘plebs’.*

According to security staff member Joe Gullible, the incident took place two weeks ago after two security personnel had left their buggy vehicle in the Vice-Chancellor’s private parking space.

The VC allegedly told the two staff: ‘Do you plebs know how busy I am?’ Burnett denies using the word ‘plebs’.

A formal complaint about the incident was made to the University last week by Avril Feul, another member of security.

The account claimed that on Thursday 20 March, two members of security staff had left their vehicle unattended in front of Firth Court ‘for less than five minutes.’ Upon returning to the vehicle, the two staff were confronted by Burnett who had had his access to his private parking space blocked by the vehicle.

At this point, Burnett is alleged to have shouted out of his window: ‘Can you move?’ before adding, ‘Do you plebs know how busy I am?’


*Gotcha. Burnett is a nice guy really.