Sheffield’s ‘selfie’ Revolution

It’s official! Sheffield is taking too many selfies

Sheffield ranks 51st in the world for selfies.

Love them or hate them, the latest craze of selfie-taking has proved popular around Sheffield, causing it to narrowly miss the top 50 cities in the world for selfies.

The rankings came from a database of more than 400,000 Instagram posts around the world.

The 'selfie' revolution: Sheffield's latest craze

The ‘selfie’ revolution: Sheffield’s latest craze

According to the rankings, Sheffield has 47 selfie-takers per 100,000 people.

Although impressive, it was beaten by other UK cities such as Cardiff, Bristol and Leeds, making it 8th in the UK for selfies.

Manchester takes the prize as selfie capital of the UK, with over double the amount of selfies per 100,000 people than in Sheffield, and over triple the amount in London.

That’s a LOT of selfies.

Judging by students’ reactions, this news isn’t too surprising. First year Journalism student, Alex, admits “we’re obviously taking too many selfies; I can see from the student side but from the locals? Just no”.

Second year Biomed student, Rony, also agrees, saying “I’m not surprised at all! I’m constantly scrolling down my Facebook feed to see tonnes of selfies.”

Are you sick of being bombarded with selfies? Or do you love a good pout? Leave your comments below….