Fashion Faux Pas: Student Style Gone Wrong

Your chance to vote for the ultimate style blunder

I think we’re all guilty of committing a fashion sin at one time or another.

Maybe you rocked the velour tracksuit as a teen. Maybe you brave the lecture theatre in your check pyjamas and UGG boots in an attempt to look ‘preppy-cool’. Or maybe you’ve got a pair of those disastrous harem pants lurking at the back of your wardrobe (let’s face it, the saggy bum look is never flattering).

Here’s your chance to vote for some of the top fashion crimes that we’ve spotted on students around Sheffield.

1. Onesies on Campus

You’re the onesie for me

Just because Justin Bieber rocks a onesie in public, doesn’t mean you can.

2. Socks & Sandals

Not a good look

Fashion sinner

Although this might be your best effort to look ‘alternative’, you definitely won’t be sparking any fashion trends with this disastrous combo.

3. Bra Straps

Rockin’ the Jeremy Kyle style

If you think your leopard print bra looks good underneath your white cami, think again.

4. Leggings, Treggings, Lrousers…


Some call this the ultimate fashion sin. If you refuse to follow standard legging convention and you wear them with a crop top, bra top or any other top that doesn’t cover your arse cheeks, you’re always going to attract the wrong kind of attention.

Even a perky backside can’t make up for an eyeful of your underwear with the word ‘JUICY’ plastered on the bum.

But for those willing to commit these crimes…we’ve got to hand it to you, you’re a pretty brave bunch.